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About Us

First Step Manpower Services is One of the leading manpowe recruitment agencies in Pakistan, Supplying, manpower, to, UAE, Saudia, Aradia, Qatar, Behrein, Kuwait, Poland, Romania, Japan, and especially in Malaysia.

We are providing the best recruitment option and elite employment service in Pakistan. The company was established with the ultimate vision of serving pakistan with most reliable overseas recruitment services and top of the list manpower recruitment services in Pakistan.

First Step Manpower Service is the most renowned overseas employment agency in Pakistan. which is also authentic and licensed recruitment agency. We hold a license approved by Ministry of Labor,manpower and overseas Pakistanis, Government of Pakistan. Overseas employment agency license no OP&HRD/7741/KAR can easily be verified by Labor Department in Pakistan. Being the top-notch overseas employment agency with the best overseas human resource and recruitment options.

We wish to emphasize upon all those interested in employing Pakistani manpower that although our workers. Pur process of recruitment is based on significantly a refind and scientific approach which differs from others in the field FIRST STEP MANPOWER SERVICES is a well-established and one of the leading manpwer recuriting agency made up of people with sufficient experience,tested capailities,dedication and above all confidence.

Our motto is to server with dignity and dedication there for i cordially invite you to analyses the benifit in recruting manpower form Pakistan for your company and our efforts and wide category of human resources.

Your enqiury will be nourished with great pleasure and demand will be met with profound success it is eamestly hoped that whenever you have a demand for manpower you will kindly tum to FIRST STEP MANPOWER SERVICES, extending us an opportunity to serve with a commitment and difference.


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