Recruitment in pakistan must be carried out through a film holding a valid O.E.P lisence. Our lisence no is OP&HRD/7741/Karachi. First Step Manpower Services Required following documents for recuitment of manpower to process the cases.The procedure of recruitment is simple and starts with prepration of document in our favour as follow.


A. Demand Letter clearly specifying all the terms of employment specimen will be provided on demand.
B. Power of Attorny (Wakala) -Consulation can be taken from any local Saudi recruitment office Waka la should be attested from chamber of commerce and from Ministry of foreign affairs.
C. Copy of the Commercial Registration (CR) of the Saudi Recruiting Office from whom the power of Attorny (Wakala) has been made.
D. Copy of the Commercial Registration (CR) of the Employer's Company.
E. Copy of the Visa Payment Slip (Amar Theesil).
F. Copy of the Sponsor's Identity Card (Tabiyaa).

We give you a complete Know-How for collection of these documents and from where. Contact Us for details.

Note: Number B, C, D and E should be attested by the chamber of Commerce. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Pakistan Embassy in Employers Country

1. We First Step Manpower Services must hold and appropriate power of attorney or E-Wakala from the Employer's.
2. A letter of demand addressed to First Step Manpower Services containing numers of vaccancies, Types of trade ,Pay and Allowance ,Accommodation ,Food ,Medical Facilities ,Leave ,Overtime Scales and any other revelant terms of sevices to be included in the contract.
3. A Letter addressed by Employer to the consulate/Embassy of the country for which visas sanctioned authorizing First Step Manpower Services to get these visas endorsed.



The document received from the Employer are then sumbitted to the protector of Emigrants (Government of Pakistan) of necessary registrations and permissions.


After Confirmation of this sanction, Job facilities are advertised in widely circulated daily newspapers,without this sanction vaccancies cannot even in adverties.

Minimum Terms $ Conditions Set By Govt. Of Pakistan For Recuriting

1. Period of Contract minimum One Year

2. Probation Period 90 days or as per labor law of the host country

3. Daily working hours eight (8) hours per day, maximum 12 hours per day with addition 4 hour paid as overtime.

4. Weekly working six (6) days per week paid holiday.

5. Weekly Rest as least one day per week

6. Rate of overtime as per labor law of the host country or minimum 1.50 times of basic salary per hour.

7. Accommodation: free of cost bachelor Accommodation not tents must be provided by Employer with electricity ,Water ,Gas and Bed.

8. Messing facilities free food or 25% of basic pay to be paid in levy of free food for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers. This provision of free food is not applicable to U.A.E and Bahrain.

9. Medical Facilities free to provided by the Employer.

10. Transportation Free transport is to be provided by the Employer from residence to workplace.

11. Passage economy class by air from place of hire to place of employment and back on expiry of contract.It is to be provided by the Employer if not included in the salary, which should be in addition to the minimum wages laid down.

12. Vacation leave per year as per labor law of the host country.

13. Illness leave per year as per labor law of the host country.

14. Social Security / insurance employment to be covered at the cost of the employer according to the labor law.


We never Considered our business and ultimate relationship with our principal on a single deal basis. Our objective is to have a sustained growth record and with this end in view, post deployment follow-ups are always made as a part of our continuing commitment of Services toour clients. We assure you, our search for excellence will never die.


As a part of out continuing commitment of services to our clients, we provided a number of services to employer's and concerned employees to have a sustained realtionship and also to make the job of the job of the employer easy and realistic.

At First Step Manpower Service Overseas Employment we make things happen.We would never considered "Success" at our ultimate goal. which, on the contrary is regarded as a by product. We attach priorities to the relative parameters, Cost, Quality, TIme , Optional Quantity, Reliability , and Service and build them strong enough in order to make something happen.

We have a belief that no task is bigger than the will force of First Step Manpower Services Overseas Employment manpower. No task is small for them and no deadline is impossible to accomplish.

Contact us if you need more clarifications or information regardng our services and procedures.Lokking towards for opportunity to meet you in person and discuss further.


We stand guarantee for all persons selected by us. Anybody unfit be refferd to us (dusring 90 days) after mutual decision , we will repatriate him to his country at our exoense. We can give all sorts of guarantee according to the rules regulation and labour laws.